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Meeting Room Policy
The meeting room of the Vienna Public Library is available, under the general guidelines of the Library Bill of Rights (see Appendix B), to any group at no charge whose purposes contribute to the civic, cultural, educational, or economic advancement of the community.  The meeting room is not available for commercial use where a fee is charged or other requirement is made for the purpose of raising money for the group.  The meeting room is not available to groups organized for the benefit of private individuals.
Since the Vienna Public Library is a public institution, meetings held in this facility should be open to the public.  The Board of Trustees neither endorses, approves, disapproves, nor opposes the views of those groups holding meetings in the Library.
The meeting room shall be reserved on a "first come, first served" basis with priority given to library meetings or programs.  The group member who makes the meeting room reservation for the group or organization will be responsible for any audio-visual or electrical equipment used during a meeting.  The group must request the use of equipment when the reservation of the room is made. 
Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance.
No group may use the room more often than two evenings per month.  Exceptions may be granted by the Director.
The group will be held responsible for any damage to the meeting room, except for normal wear.  The room and kitchen equipment must be left clean and tidy. 
Programs for minors must have responsible adult supervision.
The Library Board and staff of the Vienna Public Library shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to any property belonging to an organization or its members.  Groups wishing to display or use items of unusual value must show proof of proper insurance.
Publicity for any and all meetings shall be the responsibility of the group.  Any publicity material used within the library must be approved in advance by the Library Director.
Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
Failure to abide by rules governing use of the meeting room may be grounds for denial of meeting room privileges.  The Director may deny permission to use the meeting room to any group that is disorderly or violates library policy.

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*All meetings using laptop and/or data projector
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responsibility for the use of the library facilities
and equipment, and will be held responsible
for any damages incurred.