Kids' References
The following online databases can be accessed from the library and from your home computer. Some databases require account activation or usernames and passwords to access them at home. Call or stop in at the library to receive the information and to get started!


Searchasaurus is a great place for kids to search for information found in a variety of sources. It is specifically designed to keep their interest and to make searching easier by breaking things into subject categories by using visual searching.

Like Searchasaurus, Kids Search is geared towards kids from eighth grade on down. It is less image-oriented, and still carries articles from magazines & newspapers, books & encyclopedias, EBSCO animals, biographies, radio & TV news transcripts and photos, with the addition of maps & flags.

The Student Research Center is a database created for 6 - 12 grade students. It contains the same types of sources as the other children's databases, with the addition of country reports, state/province reports, primary source documents (like the Constitution).

Controversial subjects have at least two sides. Points of View is designed to assist researchers understand the full scope of controversial subjects. High school and undergraduate students can use it as a guide to debate, in developing arguments, and in writing position papers.

NoveList is a database with over 147,000 fiction titles for readers of all ages. It lets you use your favorite authors to find other books you might enjoy, gives reviews and descriptions, provides awards lists, booklists, discussion guides for adult as well as children's and young adult titles.

Like NoveList, NoveList K-8 provides readers with author read-alikes, awards lists, booklists guides and reviews, with grade and lexile reading levels, and many teaching resources including curriculum standards and BookTalks for discussion needs.