Progams & Lectures
Upcoming Programs, Lectures & More
Sept 30   10:30am  Story Time, 2-4 yr olds
Oct 1       11:00am  Baby Lap-Sit, 6-24 months
Oct. 3       6:30pm   Family Story Time, all ages
Oct. 7   10:30am   Story Time
Oct 7    6:30pm    3 Ways to Sell Online Without a Website
                            presented by WV Social Media Consultants
Oct. 8   11:00am   Baby Lap-Sit
              2:00pm   Parkinson's Disease Exercise Time
Oct. 9   10:30am   Christian Fiction Book Club
              6:30pm   Family Story Time
Oct. 11   1:30pm   Parkinson's Disease Support Group
Oct. 13   6:30pm   History Lecture-Andrew Carnegie
                             presented by Bob Cordell
Oct. 14   10:30am   Story Time
Oct. 15   11:00am   Baby Lap-Sit
Oct. 16   10:30am   Health Forum with Dr. McCarter
                                "Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Curcumin/Tumeric"
Oct. 16   6:30pm   Family Story Time
Oct. 21   10:30am  Last Story Time (in this series)
Oct. 22   11:00am   Baby Lap-sit
Oct. 23    6:30pm   Book Discussion LIFE AFTER LIFE
                               by Kate Atkinson
Oct. 23   6:30pm   Last Family Story Time (in this series)
Oct. 28   10:30 OR 6:30pm   FAMILY FUN DAY
                                Make a Halloween Craft at
                                either time that is best for you.