Public Policy
The services of the Vienna Public Library will be available free to all residents of West Virginia.  Persons residing in Washington County, Ohio; persons residing part-time outside West Virginia but owning property and residing part-time in West Virginia; and persons attending educational institutions in West Virginia also will be considered residents.
Obtaining a Library Card 
The Library is a member of the Mountain Library Network (MLN), a consortium of 39 libraries in West Virginia, and issues a Mountain Library Network library card, which is valid at all MLN libraries (see Appendix C for list of member libraries). 
To obtain a library card, all new adult patrons (age 16+),  must present two (2) of the following with one having a current address               One ID must be from the following list:
  1. State ID/Driver's License
  2. Social secuirty card
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Military ID
  5. Passport
  6. Voter registration card with current address
One of the follwoing can be used to confirm current address:
  1. Checkbook with current address
  2. Piece of recently cancelled mail received by patron at their current address
Library cards must be presented when borrowing or renewing materials.  Children under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when applying for a card, or bring written permission from parents in order to receive a card.  Proof of current residence also is required of children.  Parents or legal guardians MUST have a library card to be linked with their child's card.
Library cards should not be loaned, as the patron to whom the card was issued is responsible for all use made of that card.  Lost cards should be reported as soon as possible so that the patron ID number can be cancelled to prevent unauthorized use.  If the library card is lost, then a replacement will be given (when ID is shown) at a cost of $1.00. 
Loan Periods
The Library has several loan periods:
14 days -- Books, audio books, music CDs, and circulating magazines
7 days -- DVDs & Video Games
Vienna Public Library will limit the number of items that can be checked out from the Vienna Public Library collection to only 2 items at a time per library account for patrons who have a temporary card status at any of the MLN library systems, until the borrower becomes a regular library user within that system. 
Patrons who have accumulated fines of $20 or more at any of the MLN library systems will be limited to checking out no more than 2 Vienna Public Library items until the matter is resolved with the other MLN library system.
Patrons must have a library card to check out materials.
  • Books, audio books, CDs and circulating magazines may be renewed two times.
  • DVDs & video games cannot be renewed.
  • Titles on hold may not be renewed.
  • Library materials may be renewed by telephone or by email.
Patrons may have up to 15 items on hold at any one time.  When an item on hold is returned to the Library, the staff will attempt to contact the next patron in the hold queue by telephone or email for three (3) days.  If efforts to notify the patron are unsuccessful in that period of time, the staff will proceed to notify the next person in the queue.  Once a patron has been notified, the item must be picked up within three (3) days of the date notice was given.  If an item is not picked up within three (3) days, the next person on the queue will be notified or the item reshelved if there are no requests.
Fines:  Fines on  books, audiobooks, CDs, and circulating periodicals returned late are $.05 per item per day up to a maximum of $1.00 per item.  Fines on DVDs returned late are $.50 per item per day, up to a maximum of $5.00 per item and video games $1.00 per item per day, up to a maxium of $10.00 per item.
Senior citizens residing in Vienna (individuals age 62 and older) will not be charged finesBorrowers who accumulate fines of $5.00 or more will be blocked from borrowing additional materials or using library computers until fines are paid.                            
Damaged materials:  Charges for damage will vary with the extent of the damage and could range from $1.00 to replacement cost.  Charges will be assessed at the discretion of the Library Director.
Overdues:  Borrowers with overdue items will be notified by letter or email fourteen (14) days after the due date.  If material is not returned after 112 days, the borrower is considered in violation of West Virginia Code 10-1-11 (see Appendix A).  Borrowing privileges will be suspended until items are returned or replacement cost is paid.  Persons willfully retaining library materials in violation of state code may be subject to prosecution under state law and City of Vienna ordinance no. 135.09.
Lost materials:   Patrons who have lost materials will be charged full retail replacement price.  Should any lost material subsequently be found, it is the property of the patron who paid for it.  The Library will issue no refunds.
Bank charges:   Patrons will be charged $25.00 or the cost to the library of bank penalties, whichever is greater, for checks returned to the library marked "insufficient funds."  Such patrons will then be blocked from borrowing additional materials until all fines and charges are paid.
Interlibrary Loan Policy
Patrons may borrow materials unavailable at the Vienna Public Library or the Parkersburg/Wood County Library from another library in the State of West Virginia through interlibrary loan.  Patrons may place no more than three interlibrary loan requests at one time.  The request for the loan is made by library staff based on availability of the requested material and the lending policies of other libraries.  The library will pay the postage.  Patrons who do not pick up items requested for them or who do not return items on time will not be permitted to place additional interlibrary loan requests for six months.
Behavior Policy
The Vienna Public Library, as a limited public access forum, is open to everybody on a free and equal basis.  All patrons are entitled to access to information, materials and services without restriction.  The cornerstone of the Vienna Public Library behavior policy is that no one has the right to interfere with anyone else's right to use the library.  It is the policy to enforce standards of behavior as equitably as possible among people of all ages, all economic levels, and all appearances.  All patrons can expect to be treated with equal respect, courtesy, tact, and calm by the library staff.
  1. Children
    1. Unattended, lost, or missing children
      It is the intention of this policy to enlist the cooperation of parents and other adults responsible for children to ensure that the Vienna Public Library provides a safe and pleasant experience for all who use it.  Parents/caregivers may not leave children age seven and under unattended in the library.  Parents/caregivers are responsible for their children's behavior while in the library.  Children age seven and under must be supervised by a person 14 years of age or older.  If a child age seven or younger is left unattended at closing time, staff will call the police.

      If a parent/caregiver reports a child missing or lost, staff will search the library inside and out.  If the child is not found, staff will, with parent/caregiver permission, call the police.
    2. Disruptive Children
      A child or group of children who becomes noisy will be told by staff that their behavior is inappropriate and disturbing to others.  Children will be given two warnings about their behavior, stating the consequences of being made to leave the library.  If the behavior of the group or child continues to be disruptive after the second warning, the child or group will be told to leave the library.  If they refuse, staff will call the police.
    3. Child Abuse
      Physical abuse of a child by a parent/caregiver, where abuse is defined as a physical act designed to hurt the child, including repetitive slapping, excessive spanking, and arm twisting, is prohibited.  If abuse is observed, staff will immediately intervene to distract the adult.  If the abuse continues, staff will call the police.
  2. Disruptive Behavior
    Disruptive behavior is defined as behavior disturbing to other library users, but not physically threatening to them.  It may occur inside the library or outside on library property.  When staff observe a patron exhibiting disruptive behavior, they will approach the person, tell him specifically why the behavior is inappropriate, and state the consequences that the person will have to leave the library if the behavior is not corrected.  If the person continues to be disruptive to others after two warnings, he will be told to leave the premises.  If he does not leave, the police will be called.

    Disruptive behavior includes the following:
    1. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs, who act in an interfering or verbally abusive manner.
    2. Persons who are obviously drunk or smell excessively of alcohol and act in an interfering or verbally abusive manner, who have an open container of alcohol, or who pass out on library property.
    3. Persons who are consuming food or beverages, have an open container, or are smoking inside the library building.  No food, drinks, or smoking materials are permitted inside the building.
    4. Persons who exhibit aberrant behavior such as talking to themselves, staring, pacing, or overly loud talking, in a manner that is disturbing to other patrons or staff members.
    5. Persons who sleep habitually, in a noisy or sprawling manner that disturbs other patrons.
    6. Persons whose body odor is so strong that it is nauseating to be near that person.
    7. Persons who engage in sexually deviant behavior such as exhibitionism, staring, stalking, touching, or sexual harassment of patrons or staff members.  Police will be called as necessitated by the severity of the incident.
    8. Persons who vandalize library materials or property.
    9. Persons who panhandle (beg for money) or solicit sales or donations.
    10. Persons who initiate or participate in physical or verbal confrontations.
    11. Persons who use abusive or obscene language directed at library users or staff members.
  3. Pets
    Pets, with the exception of dogs trained to help disabled users, are not allowed in the library.  A person bringing in a pet will be told to remove the animal immediately.
Privacy of Records
All records of the Vienna Public Library relating to patron registration and the circulation to patrons of materials provided by the Library shall be confidential.  In order to prevent unreasonable invasion of personal privacy, the contents of registration and circulation records shall not be made available to anyone except by written order of the Library Director, such order having been issued in compliance with a proper legal process, order, or subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.
Upon receipt of any process, order, or subpoena, the person named and/or served shall immediately report to and consult with the Library Director and the legal counsel of the Library to determine if such process, order, or subpoena is proper and in full compliance with proper legal authority.
In the event the legal process fails to sufficiently identify or name in specific terms the records on file in respect to an identified Library patron, the request is considered to be defective and not binding upon the Library and its personnel, except under further due process of law.
Any problems relating to the privacy of a patron through the records of the Vienna Public Library shall be referred to the Library Director, who, after consultation with the Library Board and/or legal counsel, shall issue a written decision as to whether to comply with the request for information.
In addition, the Library shall comply with all federal laws with regard to privacy of patron records and searching of records.
Library Closings
The following days are declared legal holidays and the Library shall be closed.
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Good Friday-Easter
January 1
weekend and last Monday in May
July 4
weekend and first Monday in Sept.
November 11
fourth Thursday
December 24
December 25
As observed
If a holiday (except Veterans Day) falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be observed as a holiday.  If a holiday (except Veterans Day) falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be observed as the holiday.
Inclement Weather/Emergencies:
In case of inclement weather or other emergency, the Vienna Public Library will remain open as long as it is safe for staff and the public.  Authority to close the Library rests with the Director.  If the Director is unavailable, the decision to close must be approved by a member of the Board.  If the Director is unavailable, the staff person on duty and in charge of the library when the decision is made to close is responsible for notifying the media (television & radio).
Public Use Computer Policy
Internet Disclaimer
Internet access is available on public computers in the computer lab and in the children’s room.  The Internet allows users to connect to information resources outside the library.  The Vienna Public Library has no control over or complete knowledge of these resources.  Information on the Internet may be reliable and current or it may be inaccurate, out-of-date, or unavailable at times.  Some content may be offensive.  Patrons are responsible for what access points they reach.  Display of materials fitting the definitions “harmful to minors” or “obscene” in the West Virginia Code is a violation of this policy and will cause patrons to lose their computer use privilege.  Parents of minor children are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet. (see section on Children’s Room computers below).  Information and resources on the Internet enhance those already held in the library.  Patrons are encouraged to take advantage of the Internet and to exercise good judgment and discretion in their use of it.
All Vienna Public Library computers with Internet access are filtered.  In accordance with the US Supreme Court and CIPA regulations, the West Virginia Library Commission has installed filters on all Internet computers accessible by the public throughout the state of West Virginia.  Patrons 18 years and over may request a bypass of the filters if necessary, but only for a limited amount of time, and on a site-by-site basis.  Patrons who wish to bypass the filters must still be in accordance with the Library’s policy prohibiting the display of materials considered “harmful to minors” or “obscene” in the West Virginia Code.
Wireless Access
The library provides free wireless access for patrons wishing to use their personal computers in the library.  Patrons obtain a user name and password from staff at the circulation desk.  No printing is available.
Public Use Computers
The library provides computers and printers for public use.  Computers provide access to the library’s card catalog as well as Internet access, word processing and other office software, reference databases and periodical databases.  Internet access is filtered by the West Virginia Library Commission.  The library runs a software program that controls the times and sessions of computer use and print jobs.   For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, the library does not maintain records of any patron’s personal use of a computer.  Patrons are reminded that these are public-use computers and are neither private nor secure.  Patrons must erase any personal information left on the computer when finished with their computer sessions.
Patrons using computers for Internet or word processing must register with their library card and a personal password for the first time use, and be a library patron in good standing (no fines over $4.99 or long overdue items checked out).  Thereafter, patrons use their library card number and personal password to access the computers.  Time limit for computer use is 60 minutes.  Patrons may sign up for a second session if no one is waiting. Time limit per individual per day is 2 hours.  This time may be extended by the library staff for sessions involving test taking and other educational purposes.  Printing costs are $.10 per page for black and white prints and $.25 per page for color prints.
Patrons may use their personal disks in these computers but must first have the disks scanned by a library staff member.  Disks may also be purchased at the circulation desk for $.50.  Patrons may also use flash or thumb drives.  No downloading is permitted.  Hacking or any other unauthorized use of computers is also prohibited.  Patrons under 18 years old (minors) are not permitted to participate in chat rooms on the Internet.  Minors are hereby warned that they must not disclose or disseminate any personal identification information when accessing any means of electronic communication such as email.  Game playing is permitted but is considered a low priority. 
Library staff will help computer patrons with minor problems on computer usage.  Those patrons requiring computer training are encouraged to sign up for beginning computer use and internet training classes sponsored by the library.  Patrons are to use computers for educational, informational and recreational purposes only, and not for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.  Obscene, abusive, and otherwise objectionable material may not be sent, received, printed or displayed in any format.  Library staff members have the authority to end any patron’s session immediately and block a patron from future use if the staff member determines that a patron has used the computer inappropriately.
Patrons who sign up to use the computers thereby agree to abide by this policy, or future use of the computers will be denied. 
Meeting Room Policy
The meeting room of the Vienna Public Library is available, under the general guidelines of the Library Bill of Rights (see Appendix B), to any group at no charge whose purposes contribute to the civic, cultural, educational, or economic advancement of the community.  The meeting room is not available for commercial use where a fee is charged or other requirement is made for the purpose of raising money for the group.  The meeting room is not available to groups organized for the benefit of private individuals.
Since the Vienna Public Library is a public institution, meetings held in this facility should be open to the public.  The Board of Trustees neither endorses, approves, disapproves, nor opposes the views of those groups holding meetings in the Library.
The meeting room shall be reserved on a "first come, first served" basis with priority given to library meetings or programs.  The group member who makes the meeting room reservation for the group or organization will be responsible for any audio-visual, electrical, or kitchen equipment used during a meeting.  The group must request the use of equipment when the reservation of the room is made.  Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance.  No group may use the room more often than two evenings per month.  Exceptions may be granted by the Director.
The group will be held responsible for any damage to the meeting room, except for normal wear.  The room and kitchen equipment must be left clean and tidy. 
Programs for minors must have responsible adult supervision.
The Library Board and staff of the Vienna Public Library shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to any property belonging to an organization or its members.  Groups wishing to display or use items of unusual value must show proof of proper insurance.
Publicity for any and all meetings shall be the responsibility of the group.  Any publicity material used within the library must be approved in advance by the Library Director.
Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
Failure to abide by rules governing use of the meeting room may be grounds for denial of meeting room privileges.  The Director may deny permission to use the meeting room to any group that is disorderly or violates library policy.
Exhibits, Sales, Notices and Petitions
It is part of the purpose of the Library to provide access to intellectual and cultural resources of the community.  Exhibits are one aspect of the total program of public service which the Library offers.  Exhibits may be intended to direct public attention to the materials and services of the library, provide exposure to the work of artists, celebrate a national holiday, or call attention to issues of public interest.  Exhibits may be seen by  children and adults, who have various degrees of sophistication.  Therefore, the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Trustees shall decide on the content and arrangement of all exhibits.  The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of display.  All publicity material relating to exhibits shall be submitted to the Library Director for approval prior to release.
Groups wishing to place a display in the Library shall hold the Library blameless for any loss or damage.  Further, display of items of unusual value will require proof of proper insurance.
The library provides a bulletin board and pamphlet rack for notices of public interest published by community organizations.  All publicity, whether meeting notices, brochures, or pamphlets, must involve publicizing educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities available to the public.  All publicity materials must be submitted to the Library Director for approval.  The maximum length of display of any one notice is three months.
In general, items and services will not be offered nor advertised for sale to either the staff or public in the Library.  Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the Library Board.
Petitions must be approved by the Library Board.
Appendix A
West Virginia Code Chapter 10-1-11.  Willful retention of library property.
Any person who willfully retains a book, newspaper, plate, picture, photograph, engraving, painting, drawing, map, magazine, document, letter, public record, microfilm, sound recording, audio visual materials in any format, magnetic or other tapes, artifacts or other documentary (written or printed) materials, or all materials of any kind whatsoever belonging to any public library for thirty days after the mailing date of a written notice demanding the return of said material and giving notice of said violation, forwarded to that person's last known address, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than two hundred dollars:  Provided, That a date or dates designating a grace period for the return of library materials to public libraries shall be established, said dates to be established by the state library commission pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated thereto.
A conviction or payment of any fine shall not be construed to constitute payment for library material, nor shall a person convicted under this section be thereby relieved of any obligation to return to the library such material.  Further, a conviction or payment of any fine shall not be construed as a waiver of any nominal daily fine which may be imposed by library rules, regulations or policies.
The parent or guardian of a minor who willfully commits any act prohibited by this section shall be liable for all damages so caused by the minor up to the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars, after the parent or guardian is served with proper written notice as aforementioned.  (1915, c. 64, 9; Code 1923, c. 47, 58; 1945, c. 103, 11; 1985, c.113.)
Appendix B
Library Bill of Rights
The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic policies should guide their services.
  1. Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.  Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.
  2. Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues.  Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.
  3. Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.
  4. Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.
  5. A person's right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background or views.
  6. Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.
Appendix C
Mountain Library Network List of Member Libraries
Alderson Public Library
Bluefield State College Library
Boone-Madison Public Library
Calhoun County Public Library
Concord College Library
Craft Memorial Library
Craigsville Public Library
Dora B. Woodyard (Wirt County)
Fayette County
Greenbrier County
Greenbrier Valley Campus Library (NRCTC)
Jackson County Public Library
Mason County Public Library
McDowell County Public Library
Monroe County Public Library
Parkersburg Wood County Public Library
Peterstown Public Library
Pleasants County Public Library
Pocahontas County Free Libraries
Rainelle Public Library
Raleigh County Public Library
Richwood Public Library
Ritchie County Public Library
Roane County Public Library
Ronceverte Public Library
Rupert Public Library
Sherman High School Library
Summers County Public Library
Summersville Public Library
Vienna Public Library
War Public Library
White Sulphur Springs Public Library
Wyoming County Public Library
Public Service Policy
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