YA Programs
June 25 Peter Pan Ages 8-14
July 30 Paper Towns Ages 11-17
November 19 Mockingjay Part II Ages 11-17
? The Jungle Book
Special Programs for Teens
Week One:
Tuesday, June 23rd – Heroes in Jeopardy! @ 2:00 pm
Come flex your mind muscles at our teen trivia contest. Questions could be about anything from Batman to biology. Win prizes for your trivia triumphs!
Week Two:
Tuesday, June 30th – Physical Challenge @ 2:00 pm
Are you prepared to take the challenge? Celebrate sports heroes and test your own abilities with our hero tests. Then, help us create an obstacle course to challenge even the bravest aspiring ninja warrior.
Week Three:
Tuesday, July 7th – Rescue Skills @ 2:00 pm
Do you know what to do if someone is choking? Can you bandage a wound properly? Learn to be an everyday hero with some basic first aid and survival skill training.
Week Four:
Tuesday, July 14th – Murder Mystery Party: Super Heroes Edition @ 2:00 pm
The superheroes of the Justice Confederation have received their summons to the Annual Superhero Assembly. Unfortunately, the heroes’ minds are quickly turned to treachery when one of their ranks is murdered! Attend the assembly as one of the heroes and race to figure out whodunit!
Week Five:
Tuesday, July 21st– DIY Day @ 2:00 pm
Bring your creativity and your duct tape. Today we’re creating tons of hero stuff. Make a logo, make a cape, make a shield – make it all! Let the library introduce you to some basic maker skills with DIY screen printing and crafting.
Week Six:
Tuesday, July 28th – Comic-Con Finale Party @ 2:00 pm
Celebrate your summer reading success at our very own Vienna Library mini-con. Display your artwork, debate your favorite heroes, and explore new comic book titles you can check out when summer’s over. There will be a Grand Prize Drawing for the Kindle Fire HD for one lucky winner! Participants must be present to win if their names are drawn!
Create your own comic workshop:
July 20 – 24: This year, we will feature a week long workshop for teens to develop and create their own comic book or manga. Your work will be on display at our very own Comic-Con! No previous experience required. Topics covered will include: writing, drawing, inking & shading, character development, and book binding. We will meet from 4:00 – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday.